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CFFG wants to see a thriving Cornish agricultural industry which produces quality food and is responsive to the requirements of the consumer, and a healthy population who understand and value where their food comes from and how it is produced.

We draw on a wide range of skills and backgrounds: farmers, food producers, housewives and teachers, those who work in the NHS, tourism, veterinary services, or training and recruitment to name just a fraction of the variety in our make-up.They share an enthusiasm for local food and an interest in how our food is produced, along with a concern to see that children grow up with knowledge of farming, the countryside and the importance to their health of quality food.

Locally grown vegetables eaten when in season taste better, are more nutritious and stay fresher longer. Click the image below to see Cornwall Food and Farming’s Vegetable Calendar.

CFFG’s Conference on Climate Change – March 2020

Farmers and food producers have a natural affiliation with the environment and seek to protect it through quality control measures, shared best practice and, ultimately, assurance and accreditation schemes.

These close ties with our natural environment and a reliance on the weather make our food industry pre-eminent stakeholders in the fight against climate change at all levels.

Food and Farming for Schools

The Farm & Country event, held at the Royal Cornwall showground in March, gives 1500 Cornish primary schoolchildren the chance to experience all the sights and sounds of farming and local food production.

CFFG works with the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association to put on this two-day event and it has proved a great success.  To learn more about the Farm & Country Days, click here. Schools should contact Emma Parkyn on 01208 815562 to make a booking. Small video of previous event.